Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swishy the Fishy!

I just changed your pet fish's water and it was not an easy task. When you're old enough to ask for a puppy I'm in trouble.

The afternoon began with you and I at the pet store. We needed to buy a new fish bowl for Swishy. Swishy was your fishy. Who knows? Maybe Swishy will still be alive when you read this. But I highly, highly doubt that. On day one of Swishy's life with us, your father dropped him down the garbage disposal. We really didn't think Swishy would live another day after that trauma, but here he is nearly a month later.

So, at the creepy pet store, where I'm pretty sure some dog fighting was going down in the back, we bought Swishy a new bowl (his old bowl was leaking), a net and a bamboo stick. The guy said bamboo sticks are good for beta fish to nibble on. I don't even know if Swishy is a beta, but, I'm just going to go ahead and believe he is because otherwise I've done something terribly wrong.

Back at home, it was time to transfer bowls. I used the little net and put Swishy in a clear, plastic cup. I felt terrible. Watching him swim around and around in circles, probably wondering where his daddy was in the big blue ocean like Nemo... so sad. Therefore, I tried to hurry the process along, because I might also have been slightly convinced that Swishy was going to jump out of the cup like a cartoon. In my rush, little fish pebbles went everywhere. Water went everywhere. Fish poop probably went everywhere, if fish poop is something that exists.

But, again Swishy pulled through and here's proof:

Um, if you can't tell, in this picture he's already nibbling at the bamboo. God I hope that's a beta fish. If Swishy, named after a New York Yankee, dies during the playoffs I'm in trouble with your father...

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