Friday, January 1, 2010

look, it's a plane!

We're flying on a plane right now. That's right, I'm blogging and flying. Ok, sure, by the time you read this you'll laugh and say, "MOM, we have flying cars and robot butlers and mobile ovens now." Son, that was my hope for the future too, that was my hope...

I digress. As I mentioned, both you and your father are asleep. You're on the floor, snug in a cozy airplane blanket/pillow makeshift bed. (Gross? Maybe. But more importantly, you're SLEEPING.) Your father put on the movie District 9 and fell asleep before the opening credits. I'm drinking his wine.

I really have nothing to say in this letter other than, WE'RE ON A PLANE AND I'M ONLINE! It's just all very exciting, because I'm old school. And to prove it, I'm going to go smoke in the bathroom now.

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