Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lunch with the crazies

We just had our very first mommy/son lunch date! It was marvelous. We went to our favorite little deli, Froman's. It's the type of place where old ladies drink white wine at 8am. That is not a joke.

It's also the type of place where such old ladies LOVE giving you a piece of their mind. Here's what I mean, this just happened (and please keep in mind Lady 1 and Lady 2 talked at the exact same time):

Lady 1: Your son is adorable!
Lady 2: Adorable!
Me: Thank you!
Lady 1: Was it a home birth?
Lady 2: Vaginal?
Me: Um, yeah, um, no, St. John's.
Lady 1: Does his daddy change diapers?
Lady 2: Does he eat him?
Me: Excuse me?
Both ladies: Eat him? Eat him up?
Me: Oh, (weird). Yes, he does eat him up.
Lady 1: You shouldn't let him chew on that.
Lady 2: Avocado might make him gassy. Do you mind if I touch his belly?

Me: Thanks so much, bye bye!

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