Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Great Adventures of Mr. David

There is something about me you should know. I am from the Midwest. This means, I am too nice to people. For instance, when a man with a guitar on his back just approached us at the park and said he was selling children's CD's, instead of calling the cops and reporting a child molester like anyone else in LA would have done, I bought one. Yes, I bought his $8 CD. He said it was Beatles inspired, cartoony, fun for both kids and parents. That sounded nice. And I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

We got in the car and put the CD on. As it turns out, it's really good.

There he is, The Great Adventures of Mr. David. Website and all! "60s-influenced, rock'n kids music for ages 2-8. Truly original songs that parents will enjoy as much as their kids."

You see, sometimes it pays to be nice. Cost $8.

And don't take drugs from strangers.

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