Monday, February 15, 2010

Ocean's 11

It is Day 3 of Waking Up Before You and so far, so good. You're still asleep. I almost fell down the stairs on my way to get coffee, but I was able to regain my balance quietly so again, so far so good.

HAPPY 11 MONTH BIRTHDAY! You know what this means. This means we're nearing that age where I stop counting your age in months. I swore to myself I would never say you're 19 months old. How about one and a half? Close to two? Just turned one. That sounds better.

(I will crumble under pressure... you just wait... you'll be 13 months before I can stop it from coming out of my mouth.)


  1. i love the freedom of waking up before elise. i get so much uninterrupted time. oh, and i was like you on the month thing. i'll say things like, "she turned 1 in january" i figure i'll always reference when she turned or will turn 1, 1.5, or 2.

  2. You're the one that inspired me to wake up early! I read your Facebook status. Not sure why I didn't think of it before?!