Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today, we went on a nature hunt!! In our house. To kill a bee. Yes, a bee was buzzing around the house all morning long. If you know your mother at all, then you know that I am not only terrified of bugs, but I always, ALWAYS imagine the worst case scenario. In this situation, it was you getting stung in your eyeball and then we find out you're allergic to bees. In my mind, that was going to happen.

So, after a few failed attempts at swatting the thing and running away like a pansy, we were presented with the perfect opportunity! The bee landed on our paper towel roll. I sat you down, far, far away, and I slowly approached the roll. Oh and I was wearing a glove. Yes, that's true.

Look at that! I did it!!! I successfully and simultaneously saved the bee's life and yours! TRIUMPH!

And I also TP'ed the backyard.

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