Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We all sing with the same voice!

This just made me seriously happy:

I was showing you Sesame Street videos on YouTube while you were in your highchair, trying to distract you enough to eat ANYTHING (you've been sick, you're no longer into food), and I came across this video. The song came flooding back to me almost immediately, and when the chorus started, I practically flew out of my chair in a joyous, melodic movement.



These kids must be like 50 now.


  1. This made my MORNING!! This song will probably be in my head all day, and I kind of hope it is. How could you help but fly out of your chair when that chorus started?!? I was shocked at how familiar all of these kids were to me - it has to have been more than 20 years since I've seen this! Some of the more "special" kids were especially memorable ("when I'm by myself at night, I hold my pillow tight"). And what was that about two dads? Sesame Street was so progressive! Thanks for sharing the joy. I'm off to find the shimmy-shimmy-cocoa-pop jump-roping song...

  2. I have no idea what this is.