Thursday, April 29, 2010

Attack of the Birds

We took you to the beach yesterday to see the "birdies." I put that in quotes because that is only how I refer to them in front of you. If you weren't around I would call them "dirty freakish nasty terrifying creatures" aka pigeons. You were sitting on the ground and your father accidentally dropped a french fry in your lap. Did you know that a pigeon will scoop up a french fry from just about anywhere, including a baby's lap? It ferociously came at you and the fried potato, spastically flailing it's ugly wings, until it's gross, pointy beak snatched what it was looking for. I screamed. You laughed.

Do I sound harsh? Well I was pooped on shortly after that. So. You tell me.


  1. Did you not ever hear the story of the seagull after Aimee's french fry? He pecked at her leg, she threw a shoe, and all we heard was a "dunk" and saw flying feathers. Amazing. Totally with you on this...they freak me out. And they have NO fear when it comes to food!

    That is really bad! I feel the same way about them!
    Ohh...hope you will have a better day today!

  3. Ha! One of my favorite movies! But I know what you mean... they are ruthless!

  4. i was pooped on today by a pigeon...its a good omen!