Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Snout Mouth

Last night, I went mental. Let me explain...

You woke me up around midnight, not exactly crying but stirring in your crib. I sluggishly turned to the monitor, half asleep, to take a look. (We have a video monitor which has come in very, very handy... i.e. when it sounded like you were coughing but instead you were throwing up on your back.) It took a second for my eyes to open even halfway, and that's when I started to panic. You looked strange. Your mouth was very dark, and in a weird shape. Almost cartoonish. It looked like a pig's snout. Like this:

What was wrong with you, I started wondering?!? Oh my god, you looked swollen and weird, and where were your eyes?! Suddenly all I could see was this darkened, odd-looking snout mouth. I threw off the covers, ready to make a mad dash for your room. And that's when my eyes opened fully, and I realized what I was looking at.

Your feet. You had moved and your feet were where your head usually is. You had them pressed together and I guess the movement of your stirring combined with the nighttime shadows combined with the fact that my eyes wouldn't open made you look like a pig monster.

I quickly checked your actual face. It looked fine. I went back to bed.


  1. That was a scary story! Reminds me of Alice Through the Looking Glass when the baby turns into a pink. Always freaked me out. OINK!

  2. Wow...I was waiting for something bad to happen...Ufff....
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. we have a video monitor too. yes, they definitely come in handy when trying to decide if it's *really* time to come to the rescue.

  4. Just have to say...we LOVE Olivia. We watch her every day. This picture makes me happy. Might have to swipe it for the Freeman blog!