Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cass the Dog

We are on vacation with your Kiki and Pops and their dog, Cassie. No, this letter is not about how you can now say "Cass" and you STILL can't say "Mama." This letter is about how obsessed you have become with this dog. You kiss her face (which I try to discourage because she eats her own poop), you take her for walks, you feed her Cheerios and crackers, and you've even sampled some dog food (oops).

However, our vacation is coming to an end and that will mean, no more Cass. So, your Kiki bought the stuffed dog above as a replacement. Think it will work?


  1. Is that Jack checking his email in the background? Kids these days...

  2. That is such a sweet photo...awww:)
    That is such a cute little doggy:)

  3. If you name the stuffed dog Dora, I bet he won't notice. :)

  4. Well then, I think Jackson deserves a REAL dog. Get a dog! Get a dog! A shelter dog of course. We taught Packer (our dog) to beg today. It's so cute!

  5. Jack NEEDS a doggy! Ditto Leavitt on Berner's comment! Maybe he can meet Sheba if he needs a friend..she loves the babies.