Friday, March 25, 2011

"Your" drawer

As you know, mommy spends a lot of time on her (fake) job, writing her food blog. Hey, before you complain, you score lots of yummy treats and healthy dinners from my (made-up) career! But it does mean I spend a good chunk of the day thinking about dinner, prepping for dinner and actually making dinner. If your dad isn't around to play with you, here's what we do...

I open "your" drawer...

...which consists of my baking equipment. All kiddie-proofed stuff, minus that somewhat sharp candy thermometer that I still let you play with for some reason. You love it. You make a mess. You bring friends (see Woody and Buzz above).

Yesterday I taught you how to design the floor with mini tart pans. I realize there will come a day when you tire of measuring spoons but until then, the drawer is all "yours."


  1. I always had a drawer for the kids in the kitchen !!!!! I have a picture of Desiree in the drawer too !!! She took everything out then climbed in !!

  2. NOT a fake job. I would be so sad without your blog and stories. Love this shot of the little J-man! Looks like he is learning lots and will have perfected creme brule (with torch and all) by the time he is 4! :)

  3. I haven't ordered one yet, but a good friend of mine recommends this:

    Her 3 year old AND 15 month old love it. Might be of help to you!

  4. If Paula Dean can do it, so can you. Plus your WAY better looking. Also, You have the pleasure of being a full time mom. That's a job in it's self.

  5. in our new place, i swear i'll be laid back enough to let the girls have their own drawer.