Friday, April 8, 2011

"A leeeetle baby"

Nope, that is not you, that is mommy holding brand new baby Paxton. You and I went to visit him last week, and the whole way there you couldn't stop talking about "leeeetle baby Pat-ick-son." Of course, you showed zero interest while I held the sweet little guy (there was a skateboard in the midst, I mean). But you still talk about him, about how small he was and how he made "waaa, waaa" sounds. It's hard for me to remember you being that "leeeetle." Sigh...


  1. Jackson wants a leeeetle brother or sister I think :)

  2. Pat-ick-son has changed so much since this photo! How do they grow and change to fast?!?!?

  3.'s such a sweet picture! xxoxooo