Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Diaper Bag? I don't understand.

When you were 5 days old we left the house with you for the first time to visit the pediatrician and I forgot your diaper bag.

You're probably thinking, so what? But, as it was happening, I felt like giving up on motherhood entirely. To me, it felt like I had just put diapers on your head and butt balm in your mouth. I was pretty convinced our doctor would call social services. You might be thinking, geez mom, I wasn't even a week old yet, give yourself a break (at least that's what I hope you'll be thinking when you read this obsolete blog someday because that will mean I raised you right).

But, the fact is, in those early days every moment is so monumental and intensified. We threw parties when you pooped! Party poopers. What.

Now, you're over 4 months old and I still forget something important every time I leave the house (buckling your car seat once... yes). It's all about trial and error, son. This is the lesson you should take from this note blog thing. Also, you should know I'm dramatic. (In case you haven't figured that out yet.)

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