Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

Our very first pumpkins as a family for our very first Halloween:

Well, they were our pumpkins. We carved them with over a week left before Halloween, and... they rotted, left a terrible blanket of black, smelly pumpkin goo on our front step, and had to be thrown out last night. You see, we're already creating holiday traditions and memories...

I'm sure you can guess which one is your dad's. By the way, you picked a GREAT year to be born a Yankee fan (like you had a choice) because they're going to the WORLD SERIES! And no, your dad's pumpkin rotting the fastest and throwing up the most goo means NOTHING. WE GOT YOU FRILLIES!

My pumpkin is the cupcake. Could you tell it was a cupcake? Or did you think it was Wilson the Volleyball from Cast Away? Answer correctly, I'm your mother.

Your little pumpkin says "boo" because, well, we drained our creative energy on our own pumpkins and couldn't think of anything else. And a meatball, after your nickname, would have been even harder to decipher than a cupcake. YES IT'S A CUPCAKE!

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