Sunday, October 25, 2009

Strut strut

This past weekend, you and I took a very big step together. We took our first mommy/baby class! Did we learn sign language? No. Did we sing songs together? No. Did you get to splash around in a pool? No. What DID we do then? Mommy worked out.

To be fair, it wasn't exactly that one-sided. The class is called Stroller Strides - and it's pretty much what it sounds like... you're in your stroller, and I am striding. Strutting? I don't know. I'm working out! Losing my baby weight! Getting toned! In last place running up the stairs!

However, there are perks in it for you too. Some of the moms have been going to class for years, and they told me their kids look forward to seeing their fellow stroller-riding friends. Point is, if I do this long enough, you might think I'm doing it for YOU. Mother of the Year Award - HELLO!

You were enjoying class actually. Up until one baby started to cry. Then another chimed in, and suddenly it was like a crying baby remix. The teacher ran around, frantically waving her arms and singing songs in your faces. You looked right past her, straight at me, and your face said, "put down that jump rope woman and tend to me." I think this class will teach you patience. See, perks for all!

I promise that the next class we take will benefit you more directly. Like, mommy/baby yoga. I really need to work on my flexibility.

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