Wednesday, December 9, 2009

E = MC Hammer

I think you might be a genius.

Wait, wait, hear me out. I know I'm probably not the first mother in the history of mothers to claim that their child is ridiculously smart. But I am YOUR mother, and I know best, so you should listen to what I have to say always and forever and I completely forgot where I was going with this...

Right, you might be a GENIUS!

You have a sick memory. All I have to do is point at something a few times, tell you what it is, and you remember. Christmas tree, fire, ocean, monkey butler - you know ALL of these things! (Yeah, we have a monkey butler, just don't worry about it.)

A normal part of brain development, you say? NO. You're a baby genius. Someone tell me how to phone the Today Show because I'm putting you on it. As long as I can claim that a small part of this genius came from me. (I COULD sing Christmas carols at age one, I'm just saying...)


  1. He is so smart that he might as well just get early acceptance at Notre Dame or UW. :)

  2. Wait wait, i want to know how you know he remembers them? Best to start working on the college essays now...kelsey

  3. dear jacks,
    have mommy check aunti jessi's blog. I'm pretty sure you'll be stoked to see that you did in fact make the nice list. Big suprise there, I know! Way to go little man.