Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mama's First Christmas

I know what you’re thinking… don't you mean baby’s first Christmas? Nope. You read me right, I meant MAMA. There is a lot of hype about a baby’s first holiday season. But I don't think it's likely that anyone remembers their first Christmas, Hanukkah, or birthday for that matter. Do you really think you would have chosen to dress up as a hot dog for your first Halloween if you had a say in the matter? Right. As a mother, however, these firsts result in memories we will always cherish. So, I propose us moms change the way we think of these milestones, and claim them as OURS. At least for the first year. Selfish? No. CHILDBIRTH.

Back to my first Christmas as a Mama! It was a whole new ballgame this year. I traded in my holiday cocktail dress for reindeer onesies that light up and jingle. The mall, with its shops and holiday splendor, was dead to me. Shipping and handling was my new best friend. Of course, I did venture into a shopping center and waited for hours only to plop you on a bearded stranger’s lap for that jolly, terror-invoked picture. Twice. As I picked out wrapping paper, I wasn't only concerned about whether it looked good, but I wondered if the ink would be poisonous when you decided to eat it. And, when someone stole the wreath off our front door (actually happened), instead of letting it slide with a chuckle and a cocktail, I slipped into angry mama bear mode and rigged wreath number two with barbed wire.

You see, it wasn't just any old Christmas this year. I am a mother now! I was responsible for creating memories, establishing traditions, and generating warm, fuzzy feelings throughout the house. It was an awesome responsibility and one I didn’t take lightly. Which is why I declare this first holiday as OURS, moms. Enjoy everything as much as you can! Have an extra hot toddy at night. Amazon one-click yourself something special. Your job, little man? Just keep your walker away from the fire.

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