Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Apple unveiled their latest toy that we all MUST HAVE until a better one comes out in a year. It's called the iPad.

I'm only telling you this because, by the time you read this, it will likely compare to the Walkman in my life. What's that you say, history no longer recognizes the Walkman it's so old?! Yeah, yeah.

Well, I'm sure you're reading this in disbelief that the iPad was once something NEW. I've been in your position. My mom thought color TV was new once. Which leads me to wonder, what on EARTH will be new in your day and age?? Only time will tell. Unless, it's what everyone thinks the future holds... Flying Cars.

I can hear you now. You're at college, we're coming to visit, you tell your roommate... "My parents are DRIVING. Driving, in a car, ON THE ROAD. They're so ancient."

Yeah well, flying cars are dangerous. Look what a flock of geese did to a frickin' airplane!!

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