Tuesday, January 5, 2010

please adjust your own mask before...

I forgot to mention one thing about our recent plane trips. On the way to New York, everything was going quite smoothly. Until, out of frustration because I couldn't close the overhead compartment, I slammed it so damn hard that these popped out:

Not everyone's, just ours, but a frightening sight nonetheless.

To you, they must have looked like a toy. Dangly, bright, and just barely in your grasp. You swatted at them and THANKFULLY, didn't reach. Had you pulled this toy, oxygen would have started flowing and... we would have had to LAND THE PLANE.

That's right, land the plane. Somewhere in the Midwest. I wonder how that would have gone down? I'm sure all one hundred plus passengers would have been totally fine with it. Missed connections, delays, cancelled plans, etc. No big deal, because you're a cute baby, and people on planes LOVE babies! Especially when they cause emergency landings.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my good lord. I can just SEE the look on your face when this happened. I know that look of panic on Siri's face.