Tuesday, January 5, 2010

step step

You are about five minutes away from walking, and this is terrifying.

Well, yes, it's also incredible! Over the past two weeks, it's ALL you've wanted to do - hold our hands and walk around the house. It's very possible that my back will break soon. I am, after all, 30 years old. (Nope, no I'm not... just let me say that, though, it's more dramatic.)

Your dad is about to buy one of these...

...and even though it seems sort of leash-like, which I'm against, I might not object. My aching back!

Anyway, it's a very exciting time. You're not even 10 months and you're close to walking. I didn't walk until I was 18 months old, and there was NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. But terrifying, also, because once you start walking I'm not sure plopping you down on the carpet with toys will work anymore. I'll be doing the crossword puzzle, assuming you're sitting next to me, and suddenly I'll look up and you'll be on top of the microwave. Terrifying! How did you scale the counter?!

*By the way, now that your daddy has started his job at Amp radio, we have replaced that with our morning pirate song. I feel sort of badly about that, too, because I'm pretty sure the words, "have it your way, foreplay, before I feed your appetite," have nothing to do with eating pureed mango.

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