Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 21st, 2010 - EPIC DAY!

You started walking last night. YOU STARTED WALKING LAST NIGHT!

For months you've been cruising around with your little fingers tightly grasping my hand. Recently, you let me go and turned to the wall for support, traversing along like Spiderman. (No, you haven't scaled your way up to the ceiling, not yet at least.) In the past week, you've been slowly moving from wall to nearby object with no help at all. And I've caught you standing by yourself many times, beaming with self satisfaction.

But yesterday, it was go time. Right after your ridiculously quick afternoon nap. You must have decided you were ready. You must have decided you wanted to make your father and I swell with pride and astonishment. You must have decided I need less time sitting on my ass, watching you play on the floor, and more exercise in the form of frantically running after a 13 month old. Because you just up and started walking. It still blows my mind. How does one just do something they've never done before, and successfully? Maybe I should attempt to play the violin as well as those child prodigies? I've always wanted to be that good, and maybe if I study them enough...

The world must feel so new to you. Every morning must feel like Christmas. You no longer need to point at something you want, hoping and praying I will understand. Now you just go to there. It is your world. You can go to anywhere, son. Except the laundry room, electronics closet, near the fireplace, the stairs, the computer, my bathroom, any of the toilets, the street, the cleaning closet, the garage, the alcohol cabinet....


  1. You just go to there, Jackson. The world is your oyster :)

  2. Well done!!!!!
    I am very happy for you! Have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Welcome to the next phase, Mama. It's a doozie.