Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Proofing

Today you are 13 months old and we finally, FINALLY got to baby-proofing the house.

There you have it... gates, door locks, drawer latches, outlet covers, toilet seat locks, etc. Besides keeping you safe, I see 3 things resulting from this. Some good, some bad, and some very bad.

1. I will snack less.

(Here is where I share with you how lazy I am...) Just a second ago I went to the pantry to get some chips. But because it wasn't effortlessly simple to open the cupboard and grab them, I decided against it. Mind you, it's one push of a latch and the chips are at my disposal, but the effort it takes to exert such force with my fingers wasn't worth it at the time. No matter, I didn't need the chips.

2. I will pee in my pants more.

This is self explanatory. Those toilet seat locks are tricky. And I've already told you how lazy I am.

3. Your father will fall down.

Your dad leaves the house at 5am every morning for his radio job. It's dark, he's tired. It's very likely that just once, or maybe twice, he'll forget about the gate and go flying over it. Hmm, maybe we should pad the floors too?