Monday, July 19, 2010

16 month update

You have discovered how to climb stairs. We congratulate you when you do it at the playground. We say NO when you do it at home...

Your hair looks like this, curls or mullet?

Your new words are "golf ball" and "apple" and "car" and no, you still have not said "mama" - I'm starting to wonder who you think I am...

You love to eat these and Mommy (that's ME) wants to buy stock in the company (photo):

Last night you were up at 10:21pm, 12:08am, 1:00am and 4:37am. What's that about?

You know how to sign "milk" (photo):

You continue to be your Mommy and Daddy's best friend!


  1. Such a smart little signer! He thinks you're Dora, Siri!

  2. Hey Jack - lets start working on "farfar" okay buddy...xoxoxoxo