Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When I say that you hate swim class, I really, really mean it. You hate it as much as I would hate swimming with these guys...

However, you love the pool and have no problem splashing around at your grandparent's house. You love water in general... the beach, your tubby, drinking fountains, sinks, buckets. Anything that will get you wet.

But swim CLASS is another story. Maybe you're afraid of how I look in my headache-inducing swim cap I'm forced to wear at the Y. Or maybe it's the part where I dunk your entire head under water, suddenly, with no warning. Whatever it is, you scream for the entire half hour while I flash fake "I'm calm and I don't care if you're judging me and my child and this swim cap is squishing my brain" smiles at the other mothers.


  1. We prefer splashing around my house too. Getting your head wet is no fun.

  2. omg - this image is crazy!!!!!!! people who are friendly with lions both confuse and intrigue me...