Wednesday, October 13, 2010


HOLY LACK OF UPDATES. I'm sorry, son. It's just that... you turned into a Crazy Person Big Boy Kid all of a sudden and I have zero time to write blog posts. Well, right, except for my other blog that I update daily. I still love you.

So, it took almost a year and a half, but in early September you finally said my name!!! And the masses were right, I shouldn't have worried myself into a tizzy over the lack of the word because now that you've mastered it you say it a lot. A LOT. There are even a few variations in tone, and I've come to understand each...

1. Question Mark Mama... this tone comes into play when you're trying to get my attention. Usually, you stick your face right in front of mine and you say my name quickly and more than once. "Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama? Mama?"

2. Why Did You Do That Mama... when you use this version it means I've done something wrong. At least in your world. If I take something away or ask you not to put Cheerios in your ear, you go, "Oh, Mamaaaaaaaa." Sort of like, "Aw, man! What's wrong with this woman. She's no fun."

3. I Love You Mama... my personal favorite. Your tone is sweet, and it's usually accompanied with a hug. "Mama!" If I could bottle this one up, I would. Because I know there will come a day when you call me Poopy Head Face, and this will make me sad.


  1. So lovely to see you ,sweetie
    Have a great day

  2. Best post to date :) Love it. Love you, love Jackson!!

  3. I love this post too! Yay for "Mama"! I'm also happy that everytime I check your blog (which is daily) I no longer have to look at that pooping elephant (yuck). Thanks! :)

  4. I'm with Stefani on this one! ...and I can't wait until I have a little person to call me MAMA! Siri, you inspire me. :)

  5. He's a beauty and so are you!

  6. Yay, he said "mama!" It's so cute ... until my son says it 1,746 times in a row as I stare at him. He doesn't stop until I say "what?"

  7. I enjoy reading this blog. Makes me want to have a kid all over again... almost.