Monday, October 5, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

When you were around 6 months old, I started making you food. A big step! Big Boy Food, we call it. Although it looks more like it should be served at a nursing home or a zoo. We started with rice cereal, which you loved. (I bought this packaged - I'm not Supermom... unless you think I am in which case yes, I am Supermom.) Then came bananas, which I mashed and put in your cereal. This brought back bad memories for your Auntie Hannah. Once, when she was eating a banana as a little girl, I told her it was bird boogers, and she threw up. Anyway, you like them!

Next came the actual cooking and pureeing! Sweet potatoes, squash and apples so far. Here's the sweet potato, which you were down with:

Then came squash. I'm really glad I made so much and froze it in ice cube trays (below), because every time you took a bite of it you would close your eyes really tight, your body would shake slightly and you would make this awful gagging noise. Great!

Apples were next. I knew you'd love apples. Who doesn't love apples? They're American! They're pie! I was so excited to watch you love apples. You hate apples. Same eyes shut, shiver, gag reaction. Well, I'll tell you what, it's only day 2 of apples and I will pull my little "here comes the choo choo train" spoon trick until you're begging for more. So there! (I'm most likely going to move onto something else after day 3. What?! I'm restless...)

It's an empowering feeling, making your own baby food. Do I feel better than moms who buy jarred baby food? Yes. NO! That was a joke. I'll be buying you grey peas in 5 minutes... But for now, it makes me feel productive. It makes me feel like we're back in the olden days of yore, and I'm feeding you hearty, earthly goodness in a candle lit room because it's my only option.

Also, I love to cook. And I highly recommend this:

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