Monday, November 16, 2009

A weekend in November...

What a weekend we just had, little buddy! Here's what happened, in no particular order of importance...

1. You turned 8 months old! Here are your monthly balloons from Kiki and Pops:

Every month these balloons get bigger and more exciting! Such a lucky little boy. I'm fully prepared for a hot air balloon to land in the backyard when you turn 1, with Kiki and Pops in it.

2. We took you to a playground! The swing might be your new favorite thing. Your face is that of pure joy as you fly through the air! It reminds me of the way I look when I'm in Sur La Table... only I'm not flying. Or am I? I'm fully convinced that I could leave you swinging in the swing while I run errands, and when I returned you'd be happy as a clam! Of course that's absolutely absurd and I would never do that.

3. My mom, your Gigi, came to visit! She'll be here for 2 full weeks to play with you, feed you your peaches and mango, change your poopy diapers, cheer you up when you cry, babysit, take you for walks, read you books, put you down for naps... wait a second, what am I supposed to do while she does all of that? Get a pedicure!

4. Finally, you took your first bottle of formula! A bittersweet step, for me at least. I have been nursing you for 8 full months, a feat I am EXTREMELY proud of. There were times when I thought I would give up... even as early as the 5th day of your life. But with your help, we pushed through those tough phases and suddenly it's 8 months later! One bottle of formula per day helps out in many ways and besides, you notice no difference. I am fully certain that you would drink a bottle of Jack and Coke and think it was milk.

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