Saturday, January 30, 2010

Baby GO!

Last night, we took you out for dinner because we have babysitter issues (we're afraid of them). We sat next to a couple who left their child at home, but were so obviously anxious about it and had such a difficult time enjoying their free time that they talked to us about you the entire evening. This may have annoyed us if they hadn't led us to the greatest discovery of all times... Baby Go!

It's an app for your Blackberry. Moms and dads, DOWNLOAD IT! That is, if your child is like mine, and likes to call random contacts from your address book or, on occasion, 911. This locks your phone and sends calls directly to voicemail when the app is in use. Your kid presses letters, and a little voice says the letter out loud. Or says an animal that begins with that letter. It's educational! It's amazing. It's FREE!

Thank you Awkward Couple Not Enjoying Your Date Night, thank you.

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    Greatest thing ever.